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Active 20-30 was born in the United States and today has approximately 50 clubs from coast to coast.

National Project

Your national project is the Active 20-30 Children’s Shopping Spree (purchase of school supplies):

Do you remember the excitement of going back to the shopping school? Do the hangers move along the latest fashions in your favorite store? The feeling of new socks and shoes, which you just couldn’t wait to wear, so you put them on before you leave the store? Walking through the hallways of school supplies, finding Lisa Frank’s perfect folder and accumulating pencils # 2?

The presentation of that first day of school with a new haircut, the new backpack properly organized and the anticipation of the school year is an experience that all children should have. Unfortunately not all children have this experience.

During the month of August, more than 20 of the 20-30 Active clubs in the United States take about 1.500 children to school purchases.

Each club has its own turn in this event, but the result is the same. Children are equipped with everything they need to start their school year with confidence and joy. Joy can fade as the year progresses, but confidence will remain in them.

In most cases, additional supplies are donated to local schools, helping to alleviate some of the financial burden that teachers assume due to lack of funds in many areas.

Project coordinators contact stores such as Kohl´s, Target, Wal-Mart, Payless Shoes, JC Penny and Old Navy to coordinate an early morning shopping adventure. All children are associated with an Active 20-30 volunteer who received $100-200 to spend on schools, shoes and accessories. After shopping, the children are invited to enjoy a variety of events, depending on the club and the place. Dental exams, haircuts, eye exams, moving houses, ice cream trucks and more are available until it’s time to go home. Parents are encouraged to approach or return a couple of hours after the start of the event, giving them the opportunity to spend a quiet time and their children the opportunity to be the center of attention.

Clubs can also participate in the national project during holiday shopping with children who need winter clothing and to complete their school supplies.


Name: Lauren Golf

National International Relations Officer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 916-708-1225