United States

Active 20-30 National Association United States and Canada

Active 20-30 was born in the United States and today has approximately 30 clubs from coast to coast.

National Project


Its national project is the Active 20-30 Children’s Shopping Spree (purchase of school supplies):

 During the month of August, more than 20 of the 20-30 Active clubs in the United States take about 1.500 children to school purchases.

 Each club has its own turn in this event, but the result is the same. Children are equipped with everything they need to start their school year with confidence and joy. Joy can fade as the year progresses, but confidence will remain in them.

 In most cases, additional supplies are donated to local schools, helping to alleviate some of the financial burden that teachers assume due to lack of funds in many areas.


International Relations Officer

Phone: 916-708-1225