Message from the International President


Active 20-30 family, we have met again!


As you know, after a hard work in the virtual world and more than a year of not having international meetings in person, a few days ago our organization held its 61st International Convention in person. It was a meeting with very few tables occupied, but have no doubt that you were there, because all your work for Active 20-30 spoke for you.

We hope that the next time the situation will allow us to have the massive events to which we are used to and we can celebrate together the work done and the fellowship that characterizes our organization.

For now, I would like to welcome you to this new 2021-2022 term!

From International, we will work to increase the sense of belonging of our membership by offering content of interest and on different platforms; we will give continuity to the work that has been done in recent years and seek to strengthen our objectives, with special attention to promote camaraderie and the formation of leaders within our clubs. Finally yet importantly, we will seek to ensure that our organization has a centennial celebration that we can all be proud of.

I invite you to work for the present and look forward to the future. Let us do everything in our power to keep our organization moving forward. Be diligent, creative, passionate and open to new ideas; above all, support each other.

Let us seize the opportunity we have to write the next chapter of our beautiful organization…. It will be OUR leadership, OUR work and OUR passion that will transform Active 20-30 and take it into its next 100 years.

I wish us all a very successful 2021-2022,