Message from the International President

Dear brothers and sisters in Active 20-30,
First of all, I thank God and you for allowing me to serve Active 20-30 International through my work leading this wonderful organization. It is with great excitement that I assume the International Presidency of Active 20- 30, reiterating my commitment to contribute to the growth and strengthening of the organization, of each one of the clubs, as well as the integral development of each one of us as members.
Activo 20-30 was founded almost 100 years ago by a brave group of young people who wanted to find their own voice and it is thanks to that generation that we now have a voice in our communities and countries. That essence is what we must nurture and those are the roots that we must cultivate; but we must also ensure that Active 20-30 remains relevant for another 100 years and continues to give a voice to communities that are still struggling to have their own. We must make sure that the voices of the children we help are stronger and that they are heard by more and more people.

Someone once said, “believe that what you do matters and will make a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to save the world in one fell swoop, but you can make a difference one person at a time” and it is with this phrase that I would like to motivate you as you begin this new period. I encourage you to keep dreaming big, to keep creating and innovating so that we can change the lives of all children and their families in each of our communities and, why not, transform our own lives. It is action that generates the change that each of us wants to see in each country, in the lives of our beneficiaries and in the organization.
For some months now we have been facing a global crisis that has forced us to transform the way we carry out our daily activities and thanks to the digital media it has shown us that the links between clubs and members of Active 20-30 International are truly strong, that we are a true family that far from being weakened by global situations, we have become stronger. But, this global crisis has also shown the increase of social problems that affect children and young people. We must ensure that our sierra never stops and that there is a constant evolution to adapt and achieve our mission to train leaders to serve our community and positively transform the lives of children as we have done for so long.